The Vault Studio

Studio 1In 1999, after recording two records on the Mercury label with Radish, John Kent returned to his roots on the Blackland Prairie of Texas, where he was raised in a musical family and began playing drums at the age of 4. He converted an old bank building into a recording studio, aptly named “The Vault”, and has been busy writing songs, recording & producing other artists as well as his band Pony League out of The Vault Studio in Celeste, Texas. In early 2005 Blackland Records expanded the studio space by adding an office, storage space and an apartment to house the label’s bands while they are recording there…free from distractions and able to concentrate on putting all their efforts into making the best album possible.

MCI JH 536C console
MCI JH-16/24 2 inch tape machine
Tascam DA-302 DAT machine
Fostex D-160 16 track digital recorder/sampler
Mac G3
Nuendo digital recording software
3) RackRider rack power supplies
Rane six channel headphone amp
RME ADI-8 PRO 8 channel D/A converter
Unitor 8 active MIDI transmitter
PreSonus Blue Max compressor
PreSonus ACP 88 compressor/gate
Line 6 Echo Pro effects unit
2)AKG 415
1)Audio Technica 4033
1)Shure sm 7
1)AKG C4000
2)Sennheiser 421
6)Shure 57
1)AKG D112
2)countryman D.I. boxes
6)Fostex T20 headphones
Meyer Sound HD-2 studio monitors
Rhodes 73 key vintage electric keyboard
MiniMoog vintage syntheseiser
Alesis QS 8.1 88 keyboard w/weighted keys
Howard upright piano
Hammond M3 organ
“The Grand” by Steinberg virtual piano plug-in for Nuendo
Ampeg SVT amp w/eight ten cabinet
Marshall JCM 800 amp
Several drum kits (DW,Ludwig,Sonor,Slingerland)
Numerous guitars and other instruments

*The studio also has wireless high speed internet access